KB Construction

We have been dealing with international transport and forwarding since 2011.
Our drivers are experienced employees with many years of experience.
We focus on quality and safety.

Flexible approach to each order allows us to work efficiently.
with companies specializing in various industries, guaranteeing safety
and the implementation of the assumptions contained in the orders.


Transport and logistics

Transport and logistics



We specialize in transportation:

  • Medicine
  • Potted and cut flowers
  • Goods that need different temperatures on the trailer ("Bi Termo Semi-trailer")
  • Goods requiring refrigerated trailers of the doppelstock type
  • Half-carcass requiring a hooklift trailer.

The quality of service ensures

Regular training

all company drivers, including ADR training

Own adviser

Security and ADR adviser from 2013

GPS monitoring

vehicles and semitrailers, which allows not only to contact the dispatcher with the driver, but also to track shipments in real time through the Tronik system's online interface

Modern rolling stock

mainly Scania and Volvo Euro 6 tractor units, Schmitz refrigerated semitrailers

Average age

the rolling stock is 3 years

Regular servicing

of cars and trailers at authorised service centres


KB Construction
Michalin 23
07-203 Somianka
NIP 762-197-68-82

tel./fax 29 741 87 21
cell 500 276 300

We are at your disposal in the office
Mon. - Fri.: 8.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday.: 8.00am - 2.00pm

Kamil Budziłek
phone: +48 500 276 300
e-mail: kbconstruction@op.pl

Head of the Sales Department
Luiza Budziłek
phone : +48 506 630 534
e-mail: luiza.kbconstruction@op.pl

Head of Forwarding
Kamil Kowalczuk
phone: +48 501 170 151
e-mail: kamil.kowalczuk.kb@gmail.com